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Wednesday, 9 September 2015


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Meet by the door facing Athlone School. 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Lunch and After School, Friday at lunch. Make AT LEAST 3.


Meet by the door facing the bus loop. 

Meets are at George Waters and start at 4:15 pm on these dates, Monday Sept. 17, Thursday Sept. 20, Monday Sept. 24, Thursday, Sept. 27

Meet by room 7, the sewing room, at 3:35, ready to run, with your water bottle, for a ride to George Waters. The races start at 4:15. Grade 6  runs first,  then grade 7, and finally grade 8. Students should arrange for their own transportation home from George Waters. Students still at George Waters after the meet ends will be transported back to Bruce.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Winter Camp

Pictures of winter camp 

Bruce Middle School Winter Camp 2019

Winter Camp will take place from February 6th - 8th, Wednesday to Friday.

OBJECTIVES  - To provide students with an awareness and an appreciation of the wilderness environment and our natural heritage. To introduce students to outdoor winter activities. To demonstrate that learning is an integral part of life and not limited to the formal setting of the classroom. To provide a group living experience which demands cooperation and participation.

Location-Riding Mountain Conference Centre on Clear Lake near Riding Mountain National Park, approximately 300 km northwest of Winnipeg.

Facilities-The camp is equipped with winterized cabins, which accommodate up to twelve students and their counselors. Other facilities include a recreation hall and a large dining hall.  Washrooms and showers are located in the main dining hall as is the telephone.  Students will receive 3 meals a day plus an evening snack.  Medical facilities and ambulance service are available in Erickson and there is a hospital in Minnedosa.

Program-You provide the warm clothes and smiles, we provided the equipment

Walk through the Woods - Learn some outdoor emergency survival techniques, find out about the habitat, see how fast you can build a fire, and cook some food. 

The Amazing Race – Learn basic compass skills; then use your wits and teamwork skills in a race around Wannakumbac.   

Cross-Country Skiing – Learn to ski or perfect your technique while skiing the trails of Camp Wannakumbac. 

Bannock/Outdoor Cooking – Make bannock and then cook it over an open flame. Yum. 

 Broomball-Quinzee Building – Participate in an action packed event that combines the skills of hockey and soccer.  It’s the non-skating version of hockey. Oh yeah, the sticks are brooms.  We will also build quinzees. 

 Snowshoeing – Channel your inner Coureur des bois and go for a snowshoe in the wilds of a National Park 

  Indoor Crafts – Make the funkiest friendship bracelets north of Fargo. No skill, talent, previous experience or dexterity required.

What we need from the Parents-
Please insure that the school’s medical information about your child is up to date.

We have also sent home a list of all items that students will need to bring to camp.  This will give you the opportunity to acquire any necessary items.

The total cost of the camp has been kept again to $200.00. Make cheques payable to Bruce Middle School. or go to the Bruce page, link above, to use our online payment system. Due to the deposits we have to make for camp and bussing, fifty dollars of the payment is non-refundable.

Most Fridays in January we will be meeting with all campers during the lunch hour to prepare for camp.  Attending these meetings is an important requirement to attend camp.  Please remind your son/daughter to plan ahead so that they can attend the lunch time meetings.

We leave  at noon of February 6th and return around 6:00 P.M. on February 8th .  

 If you ever have any questions contact the school office at 888-1990 or Mr. Harland at or Mrs Acorn at

Supply List

Sleeping bag
(sheet to cover  mattress)
Warm, Winter Jacket
Wind / Ski pants
Pants (including sweat pants; 2+ pairs)
Sweaters and t-shirts
Long Underwear
Warm Socks (5+ pairs)
Winter Hats / Toques (2+)
Scarf / Neck Warmer
Pairs of Mittens (2+)
Warm, Weatherproof, High Boots
Water Bottle
Soap / Washcloth
Shampoo / brush / comb
Toothbrush / paste
Plastic Dirty Laundry Bag / clothes line
Log Book (provided)
Pens / Pencils
An appropriate size suitcase for 2 nights
Above are needed, below might be nice to have
chap stick /UV protection/sun glasses
Indoor Footwear (runners / slippers)
Board games / Dice / Cards
 Other Items: